Pier 60 Sugar Sand Festival

Clearwater Beach

27.9775° N, 82.8271° W


This was my second time at the Pier 60 Sugar Sand Festival, and needless to say, it's been phenomenal both times. Jimmy was invited to Visit St. Pete Clearwater's VIP event (I was the lucky date!)  We got to tour the sand sculpture tent and have a delicious dinner right on the sand. These sculptures where enormous, and incredibly detailed in the smallest things. I can't wrap my mind at how much time and dedication this must have taken. 

Dinner was one of the most unique experiences ...the food was, of course, amazing, but literally dining in the sand? Only in Florida!!  Sorry for the lack of food pictures, the lighting was just not acceptable #photographerproblems.  

There was live music, fireworks, street acts, good company, everything that adds up to an amazing evening. Thanks a million to VSPC for having us. This is one of those events that is just too amazing not to be a dream. The Pier 60 Sugar Sand Festival is open until April 24th, make it a beach day and check it out!

Blue Springs Park

So let me start by saying that I am so excited to have this blog up and running. I am NOT a writer, I struggle with spelling, grammar, finding my voice, overthinking, and the english language overall. For a long time the idea of a blog was just not something I wanted to have. But .... the past year I have been lucky to be invited to some pretty amazing things. I felt like these experiences needed a lot more than an couple of Instagram posts. Or maybe I just want to document them so they never fade, as if these events where just a dream and I never ever want to forget them.  April seemed like the perfect time, I have so many things planned, and so happy to be able to share them with you. Here's to my first post! 

Blue Springs Park 


This past weekend Jimmy and I had the splendid idea of camping at Blue Springs Park. Weather was perfect, camping was cheap, and we had never been there. Needless to say, it is now our favorite spring. 

Oh yeah, we went out into the woods in the middle of the night. It was THE scariest thing I have ever done. The starry night picture was my attempt to be Matt Hughes.  

As for the water ... it was freezing. Yeah, I know it's 72° F, but my body does not like anything under 78° F. It is only because I really really love these springs that I make myself go in and swim. I mean, how could you not go in?! Just look at that water!! Also, you can dive in from a platform at the main spring, which I did not do. Maybe when I go back? we'll see ;)